Why Phone Leads Should be your Next Marketing Target

In today’s world, business correspondence and communication with customers is becoming increasingly web-dependent. Where does this leave phone calls as a source of lead generation? Well, while the most local commerce is increasingly influenced online, majority of local commerce takes place offline, and that 66% of small to medium-sized businesses rate phone calls as good or even excellent source of leads, followed by online forms. That doesn’t exclude various benefits large companies can exploit by giving more attention to phone leads. Here, we will try to point out some of them and mention few methods through which phone leads can be increased.

Never underestimate a personal approach

Although it’s not as common as it used to be to use phone leads for marketing purposes that might just be the way to separate your organization from the rest of the competition. It’s simple. By using the phone lists to spread the word of your product or service, you are putting yourself in the advantage over those who don’t. It is also very easy to put a simple and short form in front of potential client, but keep in mind that certain types of leads demand different and personalized approach for which phone conversation is best way to achieve. As a matter of fact, a vast number of potential clients who receive inquiry in various form, prove to be lower quality lead than one generated through phone call which converts into customers at higher rate. It’s not hard to conclude then, that your goal should be to convince the people that they will get more value by picking up a phone.

Phone Leads

How to improve phone leads

Whether you are trying to reach your customers by exploiting traffic on your website or through different methods of marketing, here are few steps you can take in order to improve lead generation:

  1. In order to understand which campaigns are the most effective in attracting phone leads and get a better look into ROI data, try using call tracking, which will allow you to tie inbound calls back to specific marketing campaigns. It works by placing a unique traceable number on each of your promotional channels and helps you to understand how much revenue exactly comes from your SEO or a new billboard for example.
  2. If you are utilizing any kind of form for lead generating purposes, you can increase probability of getting your customers on the phone by offering additional motivation, such as better offer, if they call in.
  3. If you are advertising 24/7, be available 24/7 because potential clients would rather talk with competition then with your voicemail. A lead that is not talked to immediately might just be a dead lead.
  4. Replace all forms you have on a mobile page with a simple clickable CTA button with your phone number.

Using these simple strategies will enable you to make the most of phone leads’ benefits. No matter what shift occurs in the technological landscape, people who are seeking immediate answers will always reach out for the phone, and that will always be your opportunity to build successful relationship with them and develop your business even further.

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