Why Hire a Professional Website Designer For Your Business?

These days there are quite a few so-called do-it-yourself website design products out there. It can be tempting to go for this option, thinking to yourself….aha this will save me money. But think about it…how many well-meaning DIY jobs – in all areas of life – end up being ridiculously time consuming (and time is money right?), only (let’s be frank) to end up looking like an amateur job?

In my years of professional website design London, some of the site-builder jobs I’ve been asked to step in and rescue from self-destruct could have been something my kids brought home from a project at school. The rest were simply mediocre, or the client had made a real mess of the back end. Most people want to impress and draw in potential customers. And possibly the single most important reason for having a website is to represent yourself, your business or project in a way that makes people feel confident in your abilities in your area or profession. How many websites have you ever been on, and left pretty much straight away, because the look and feel just didn’t make you feel comfortable and at ease?

Running into a lack of expertise

Part of being a design expert is having a professional eye. Understanding the psychology of visual design and what makes a good layout, a look and feel that makes visitors want to read more, and stay on your page. An amateur built site will always look amateur, and will convey to the public (unconsciously) the idea that the services you are offering are also amateur.

A professional site, on the other hand, looks professional and gives the impression your service will be also professional. This inspires confidence in the customer.

How often have you seen online products boasting they are ‘easy to use’, ‘no expertise needed’, ‘easily customize your design’ – only to find that after a short time you’re sitting there scratching your head calling customer support, or googling frantically in forums for the answer to yet another thing that has gone wrong,or won’t do what it’s supposed to? The truth is that website design is not easy, beyond something very basic and simplistic. If you want advanced features on your website, then forget it. 80% of people who begin their own website design call a professional to finish the job, and because the website designer has to unravel the mess their client has made it usually ends up taking the professional longer than it would if they’d started from scratch.

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