The Five Reasons That Every Consumer Accessible UK Business Should Consider Installing Automatic Door Openers

The UK is full of many different and interesting people looking to purchase things. Whether in a hotel, a grocery store, or a mall store that sells electronics, customers see stores that they like and judge them based off of their appearance and inventory. As the owner of a boutique hotel based in the UK, I often see this on a daily basis and can tell who wants to rent a room and who does not based off of how they look when coming through our doors. Doors are an important part of any business that deals with the presence of individual customers on a daily basis. I wrote this article to help other UK business owners understand why it is important to have doors that make people excited to enter your store and the numerous other benefits of store accessories such as automatic door openers. So, in order to help my fellow business owners, here are the five reasons that every consumer accessible UK business should consider installing automatic door openers.

automatic door opener

Number 1: Automatic doors bring in crowds.

If a store is spotted having automatic doors (using automatic door openers to do the job) then it is assumed by many people that the store is ahead of others that have simple doors. The futuristic appeal of having the door magically open simply by walking toward it has an appeal for many people of varying backgrounds. Everyone likes to feel like they are shopping at a place that is modern and in touch with the 21st century.

Number 2: During winter, heating savings can be immense.

The cost of having open doors during winter can be huge for many businesses and cost them thousands of extra pounds per season. These doors greatly reduce power bills by shutting themselves off when there is nobody present. Other businesses will often have to contend with inconsiderate people leaving doors and windows open all of the time, but not those with automatic doors for their businesses.

Number 3: Disabled people will have a much easier time entering stores equipped with automatic door devices.

By having heavy and difficult to open doors, a relatively large consumer market is kept out of your business. This will result in reduced profits and a migration of the disabled to other stores that do not contain irritating entrance systems. By removing any interference to going into your establishment, disabled customers will flock to your business in droves and give you much greater profits than beforehand.

Automatic Doors

Number 4: Hospitality businesses will benefit from an added appearance of luxury.

In the hotel industry, feeling is everything. If customers look at your hotel and see it as a shabby outdated place with few modern amenities then they will likely find another hotel. However, those that look new, clean, and modern will fare much better. Possessing futuristic automatic door openers is a crucial element to making a hospitality business seem as luxurious and inviting as possible.

Number 5: Children love to play with them and attract other kids to make purchases.

Small kids will love to play in the doors. At my hotel, I have seen many children stand outside the doors and pretend that they had magic powers to open the door. When they did this, other kids would join them and want to try as well. I would see these same children summer after summer because they liked the place so much that they always returned because of the doors. This is a part of marketing that few people think about, but children have a huge effect on their parent’s purchasing decisions.

I hope you enjoyed this article and wish you success with your UK business!


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