The Art Of Outsourcing Vs. Doing It Yourself!

One of the greatest pains to growing a business is having the right people to grow it with. Most start-out entrepreneurs never think past them doing all the work themselves. In other words, hiring people was never something they had considered until someone brings it up after listening to them complain about how they labor and toil.

Once the thought of hiring someone enters their mind, they go on a employee hunting spree to try and find the perfect individual. Someone who will do everything they did, be as passionate as they are, and has the same standards as they do.

Sadly these types of employees are rare and far in between – something the business owner quickly finds out.

Depending on the mindset and attitude of the business owner, he or she will either roll with the punches and grow his/her business despite the odds being against them, or they will shrink their business down to a one-man-show again and say something like: “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!”

This is as much true in the online marketing world as in the offline business world. You can have someone who shares your vision and helps you reach your goals or someone who is just there to collect the paycheck every two weeks.

Which is why I love outsourcing. I have mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating: Outsourcing rocks. If you outsource, you rarely pay by the hour. Instead, if you can help it, you pay per project that gets completed.

If you are a control freak though and want everything perfect to your standards, you have the option of using modern tools and software technologies to do just about anything web related yourself. A good example of this would be the site I use to build my own web graphics and eCovers with. Not only can I very quickly build professional looking graphics with just a few clicks, but I save myself a ton of time and money doing it.

Yeah sure it’s great to have people working for you or outsource your dirty work, but if you are a control freak like many – this might not be a business model for you!

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