Redeveloping The High Street

Major redevelopment of towns and cities in the 21st century is an interesting, eye catching and colourful fusion of architecture, colour and identity.

The more sympathetic redevelopment of our towns and cities begins with the fusion or mix of the good old and the resplendent new. After all shouldn’t we celebrate and incorporate the best of our historic architecture and support it or surround it with modern architecture that accents and develops it further? In our towns: tasteful shop signs and pavement signs can tie together the parts of our communities, while also representing their corporate brand.

pavement signs

There is inevitable excitement these days in our towns and cities when redevelopment is planned. The eager consumer awaits with bated breath the announcement of the consumer units whose swing signs with adorn our pavements or shop signs will adorn our retail parks. Particularly, for the 21st century householder, being able to plan your new budget based on the range of local amenities can be greatly assisted by knowing what is on offer out there.

As modern adult consumers, we can be satisfied to hear a new pound retailer is opening or a discount super market brand is soon to grace our streets. In our struggling world economy to see the comforting sight of a familiar discounters shop sign or corporate logo on a pavement sign, can enable the consumer to plan frugally or know they can shop in their locality for the best deal.

The most recent fights for corporate supremacy on the streets of the UK have been the pound retailer wars between three prominent pound discounters. At the town centre retail parks we are met with an array of shop signs attached to the retail park tower advertising a wealth of discount retailers, crammed with branded goods at a pound, or in some case less. We flock eagerly to these places in search of a good deal or an essential household item at a heavily discounted price.

shop signs

These bright welcoming shop signs call to us, their swing signs advertising the latest deal and their pavement signs alerting us to the discount or sale within. In this age of austerity we want something for nothing or if not that, something which to us feels like a bargain or that we have paid a good or fair price.

2 for 1, 20 % off or even a half price sale – these signs ensnare us. We are in search of a bargain, a deal or an offer. If we can save a bit here or there, we may be able to afford that holiday, that bill or even save a fortune on kitting the family out.

Indeed, in this respect: the state of the world and local economy coupled with this feeling of an age of austerity has taught us good habits. We are more than ever conscious of what we spend and what we consume.

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