All You Need To Know About Monaco F1

Monaco Grand Prix produced many legendary motor sports drivers. William Grover-Williams, Sena, Schumacher, and Fangio are just few to name. All of them have written their names in the annals of racing history. William Grover-Williams was the first to win Monaco grand Prix in 1929. He not just dazzled the world, but also put the name of Bugatti above its competitors. You may have heard about the Monaco Grand Prix or Monaco F1. They are so popular that even non-motor enthusiasts know about them. Here are few frequently asked questions for offering an insight into this world famous event being held in Monaco every year.

What is the Monaco Grand Prix?

The Monaco F1 Grand Prix is a Formula One motor race held each year on the Circuit de Monaco.

Monaco is best known for being the smallest and most peaceful principality in the world. Only few of you know that Monaco is also a beautiful home to wealthy and affluent citizens from all parts of the world. The Monaco Grand Prix is a Formula One motor race being held on the Circuit de Monaco year after year. It is run on the streets of the city. This further adds to the excitement of Formula One fans. The narrow streets and sharp bends hardly provide an opportunity to overtake. So drivers must have that go hard like thing to make pole or a good spot on the grid.

When Was the First Monaco Grand Prix Held?

Thanks to Anthony Noghes, the first Monaco Grand Prix was held in 1929. Anthony Noghes was one of the most influential person of that time and far more than just a fan of motor sports and racing. First few attempts by Anthony Noghes to register the Monaco Grand Prix were rejected by governing bodies. However, he adopted some strategic moves, and then managed to get his way.

How To Qualify For Race in the Monaco Grand Prix?

To qualify for a race in the Monaco F1, drivers are required to come up through various ranks by driving in all levels of competition. They should make a name for themselves. They should get themselves recognized by the owners of F1 teams to get desired level of exposure and fame in the racing industry. The Monaco Grand Prix is just one race in the annual calendar of Formula One.

Can Anyone Attend the Monaco Grand Prix?

Yes, anyone who can travel to Monaco is eligible to attend the Monaco Grand Prix. Monaco is highly popular for its hospitability. It has great accommodation and an endless range of fun-filled activities to indulge in. It also houses the world-famous casinos, bars, clubs and restaurants. Night life can’t be better than it can be here. There is always great weather for the outdoors. Keep in mind, the cost of living is very high in Monaco. What might be considered as expensive in other parts of the world might be considered as cheap in Monaco.

Now, you’re ready to visit Monaco F1 (Formula One).

Don’t Obsess Over PageRank

For those of you still using a version of pre-Internet Explorer 10, do you obsess over the PageRank value feature of the Google Toolbar? Honestly, you can’t blame yourself. The value is displayed so clearly for you to scrutinise your website and wonder why it isn’t higher. You then work tirelessly trying to acquire backlinks with a relentless focus, only to let quality standards slip on your website.

Wake Up to the Con

The truth of the matter is that you have allowed yourself to be conned. Just think about this for a moment: the Google Toolbar only exists on Internet Explorer browsers that predated the current version. Google didn’t even want to put it in Chrome. The crux of the matter is that the G-Men don’t realise they have made a mistake by driving us all crazy about the rankings of our websites

Google Formed the Current Landscape

Essentially, the G-Men have perpetuated the situation whereby naïve business and website owners pay extortionate amounts of money to obtain a solitary backlink to try and boost PageRank. However, this practice is undertaken in spite of Google expressly stating that sites found to be doing so will be punished. But it’s all their fault, really.

PageRank Updated Constantly

Most people without significant SEO knowledge assume that PageRank is only updated when Google reports the values, but this simply isn’t true. These values are constantly being updated throughout the year – not just three to four times. In 2013, there were just two reported changes because of a fault in Google’s internal systems transferring the data to their dying toolbar.

Google Toolbar is Dying

Google Toolbar is not going to exist for much longer and nothing will be done about it. Then, we will simply have to depend on unreliable browser plugins for attempting to calculate PageRank – or else we could just focus on improving our websites with copywriting services and flashy graphics to create value for our users.

The Trouble Of SEO For Casino Affiliates

The task that all businesses are faced with of optimizing their websites for search engine visibility is become more difficult every day. As we move further into an online-based business world, an increasing number of companies are competing to appear on the top page of Google’s search results and levels of competition are fiercer than ever before.


Affiliate Marketers Have It Harder

Aside from all of the standard difficulties faced when performing search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketers have an additional hurdle to surpass. Affiliate sites operate by linking visitors to external pages with the hope of earning a little commission for the referral. Unfortunately for them, affiliate links do not appear well in the eyes of Google and it can be difficult to disguise such links.

Even Tougher For Casino Affiliates

Google values useful and informative pages, and these traits are not majorly common within the online casino industry. Many of these sites claim to provide you with honest information, helping you to find the best online casinos – but this is often far from the truth. There is a plethora of different casino sites which will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get you to follow their tracked link and spend some money at an online casino. However, there are also genuine and honest sites amongst them and these can be identified upon closer inspection.

Honest Sites Only

When browsing around the various casino advertising sites, the trustworthiness of each can be realised relatively quickly. Keep your eye out for those which give shining reviews to every casino they review. Instead, you should be looking out for sites which provide true and balanced feedback about the experience a player will enjoy on the site. If a site really has the aim of helping their visitors to find the most quality online casinos, it will always highlight the bad points, as well as the good.

The Art Of Outsourcing Vs. Doing It Yourself!

One of the greatest pains to growing a business is having the right people to grow it with. Most start-out entrepreneurs never think past them doing all the work themselves. In other words, hiring people was never something they had considered until someone brings it up after listening to them complain about how they labor and toil.

Once the thought of hiring someone enters their mind, they go on a employee hunting spree to try and find the perfect individual. Someone who will do everything they did, be as passionate as they are, and has the same standards as they do.

Sadly these types of employees are rare and far in between – something the business owner quickly finds out.

Depending on the mindset and attitude of the business owner, he or she will either roll with the punches and grow his/her business despite the odds being against them, or they will shrink their business down to a one-man-show again and say something like: “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!”

This is as much true in the online marketing world as in the offline business world. You can have someone who shares your vision and helps you reach your goals or someone who is just there to collect the paycheck every two weeks.

Which is why I love outsourcing. I have mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating: Outsourcing rocks. If you outsource, you rarely pay by the hour. Instead, if you can help it, you pay per project that gets completed.

If you are a control freak though and want everything perfect to your standards, you have the option of using modern tools and software technologies to do just about anything web related yourself. A good example of this would be the site I use to build my own web graphics and eCovers with. Not only can I very quickly build professional looking graphics with just a few clicks, but I save myself a ton of time and money doing it.

Yeah sure it’s great to have people working for you or outsource your dirty work, but if you are a control freak like many – this might not be a business model for you!

Software Eliminating Outsourcing Costs?

One of the great advantages to running internet based businesses is that it is very easy to outsource task you are not very good at or simply hate doing yourself. This not only saves business owners a tremendous amount of time and frustration, but can – in the grand scheme of things – be a significant money saver as well. Outsourcing really is a win-win for everyone involved.

The theory is: You can outsource all tedious tasks to people who don’t mind doing them for a small fee. I myself have a handful of online “friends” that I outsource a lot of my internet business work to – especially if it is something I am no good at or despise doing.

reasons for outsourcing

Most of my to-go-to guys and girls live in either India or the Philippines. Meaning, most of them very happily work for me for about two to three dollars an hour. They do great work so it is money very wisely spent in my opinion.

Now, even with international labor being so cheap, there are more affordable ways of doing business. A good example would be using software to eliminate tedious work that would otherwise be done by someone else.

As much as I like to help families in poor countries earn a living by outsourcing to them, nothing gets me more excited than a piece of software that automates processes I would otherwise pay for. In fact, it never ceases to amaze me how software eliminates traditional job titles on an almost daily basis.

Way Signs "Outsourcing - In-House Solutions"

This can be a simple software that allows you to set up a fully functioning blog in just minutes, a web-based shopping cart that takes orders on your site – processes credit cards etc, to an auto email responder that stays in touch with friends and fans alike. Is that cool or what?

My friend Arnie recently posed the question on his blog – asking if software would ever eliminate outsourcing all-together. As much as I believe there will always be things for me to outsource, I am comforted with the thought that: Software is advancing all the time. Eventually I will outsource less and less while using more and more software to do the heavy lifting for me!

Do you currently outsource tedious tasks in your business? If so, what – and how much does that cost you? If you could wish one software into existence, what would it be and what would it do?

The Revolutionary Cryptocurrency That Will Change Online Transactions – BluCoin

This article will shine a light on the new Crypto Currency out there; BluCoin.

BluCoin is a revolutionary social Cryptocurrency that will change the way we transact online. It is winning popularity and will surely give Bitcoin a run for it’s money.

Globally, people are driving more and more toward the use of cryptocurrencies. Financially speaking; prices have jumped after a U.S. Department of Justice official described Cryptocurrency as “a legal means of exchange” in the media. Many businesses all over the world are allowing Cryptocurrency payments. Given the volatility of the stock market, investors view Cryptocurrency as an alternative to traditional financial investing.

Lately there is a huge buzz in the Crypto Currency circles around a new coin called BluCoin. It is the newest form of Social Currency Coin out there in the landscape. Rapidly gaining popularity, BluCoin is anticipated to go large and has already been reviewed to have the potential to be used for future Face-book, You-tube, Vimeo payments & P2P engagements.

Digital Savvy Miners are eagerly waiting the BluCoin release date of 7th February 2014. Mining BluCoins will be extremely profitable and together with BluCoin’s current promotion, BluCoin is giving away and rewarding all users who are mining BluCoin more that 1+ Million Free Coins. Even if mining isn’t your thing you will soon be able to trade BluCoins on the market. You will also be able to day trade these coins without feeling the hot breath of the bankers on your neck.


BluCoin is a definite safe and excellent way to invest for the future, even in these troubled times. The fact that this new Social Currency Coin will begin to formulate future applications for Social Media Sites gives credit to BluCoin for identifying a rich market niche. The latest digital market trends point to the absolute need for a Social Media Coin such as BluCoin. We will have to accept the continual usage of Social Networks like Face-book and You-tube and realize that we need to plug the gap with a secure, trusted and fast digitial Cryptocurrency; BluCoin. Jumping on board with this idea now and eliminating any concerns says a lot about BluCoin’s potential. It will surely follow the course of Bitcoin and skyrocket up to unknown heights given a little bit of time.

Another great thing about this Cryptocurrency is that there is no government intervention. That means no finger in the pots by bankers and politicians. What you make on buying and selling Cryptocurrencies is yours. Basically there is no “percentage taking” here and there by the bankers or fat cats. Respected opinions by well known internet pioneers are all unanimous and they will agree that BluCoin will go much further than Bitcoin.

The bankers and high society alike screamed NO to Bitcoin and made people fearful to invest their hard earned money into Bitcoin. And what did Bitcoin do? It rose from around 100 dollars to 1200 dollars in a couple months’ time. So the lesson is: when those bankers scream “No don’t do it” you need to do the exact opposite from what they tell you.

BluCoin will fare the same way as Bitcoin did because of the recent buzz, the already huge interest in the coin, the well-established marketing ventures, a rapid block-rate, etc. Having such a broad base of possibilities and usages that BluCoin has will make this coin more versatile and secure.

Our advice is to ride the wave and to get in on the action whilst BluCoin’s prices are extremely low. Start mining BluCoin’s on the release date and build a wealth portfolio.