How Can Your Business Benefit From IT Support?

Considering how complex computers and computer systems are today, it is difficult or impossible for laypeople to fix a problem. Emergent problems require skill in order to be fixed. And while you may operate a computer, use many applications and have general knowledge about how computer networks work, big problems will require an experienced and knowledgeable folks around. You will need IT staff to handle many problems that occur from time to time.

If you take an IT manual, you will notice that it has at least one hundred pages. To know how to solve all the problems your computer network may come up with, you will have to deal with all these manuals. But you simply don’t have the time to learn all the information the manuals contain. Nor do you have enough experience to put that knowledge into practice quickly. This is exactly why you need experts. Otherwise, your business will suffer.

business it supportIn-house solutions can be a good choice, but business IT support costs money. And every time you want to hire someone new, you will have to train them and keep them on a payroll. While this may be good and affordable for a big business, any medium or small company will benefit from a business IT support for hire. Outsourcing IT support is better solution because technical problems are not that often and you can outsource IT support just when those technical problems arise.

Your business will definitely benefit from IT support staff. Not only because you will save money, you will be able to get value from skills IT support staff has. Any change your computer network needs will be completed by the business IT support. Installing new hardware, installing new software, helping employees to understand and work with this software, etc. You actually get the whole package if you connect with a good business IT support. There are many IT support companies, but not all are reliable. What I can suggest for your business is to consult with ARC IT Support and see what exactly they can offer for your business and how they can help you grow and increase your potential.

How To Get A Commercial Real Estate Loan With Bad Credit

Sometimes, the loan provided by the bank for the purpose of getting commercial real estates is not enough. The reason behind this is that the production value of such projects is extremely high; perhaps in millions of dollars. The burden of commercial Real Estate Loan acquisition from the bank can be troublesome. It isn’t rocket science to know that this should not prevent him/her from getting a beneficial or adverse credit. To purchase a real estate, the loan may not be beneficial. Let us consider a case in which the person has been given a home loan. The value of the house has not been paid off and the credit will expire twenty years from now. In that case, the borrower needs to make sure that he/she has an income greater than the home loan. He/she may have to cut down other expenditures just to repay this loan.


First of all, such situations are not the bank’s fault. It is simply rare to find a form of credit which can be aligned well with the ratio of daily consumption and the loan repayment from the perspective of the recorder. The creditor is not under any sort ofburden since he definitely gets his money back, multiplied, in fact. The bank is never at a loss.

More the credit facilities, more is the back pay lost. Say that a particular loan is greater than the ten-year repayment installment and if you choose twenty years, the amount to be paid each month is halved. But now, the interest rates have been doubled for the same time period. If someone decides to buy a house and a loan is needed for that,they should be aware of the fact that they will have to spend a long time period trying to repay the loan.

Financial experts say that bad credit is not exactly a term that is good to hear. After all, the definition itself is contradicting its purpose, because, of course it is not bad credit – but beneficial.

The credit required by someone may turn out to be a disadvantage in the form of a loss. A new modern TV which is bought on credit is only getting “older” every day because of the rate at which technology is growing therefore, the TV is not worth much a year later, but we anyway have to pay back a large amount of money.

commercial loan

If money is borrowed to generate income, that is, for employment, there is a fair chance of multiplying the earnings such that we have made a productive investment. This is an advantage as not only the amount to be repaid is collected, but there is also a personal profit. Similar is the case in which a real estate loan is taken to start, suppose, a greenhouse production. If the profits are large, the problem of repayment is solved and it may even turn out to be a short-term loan. But in case of small businesses such as machine shops, the loan would obviously multiply in size with time as profits may not be too big.

Credit has become an essential part of living for everyone. This is true for both businesses as well as individuals. People hope to save up enough credit to be capable of buying themselves luxury in future. To get that house, TV and definitely four square meals a day, a price has to be paid apart from the running costs.

How can you get bad credit?

For a start, let us not believe the literal meaning of bad credit. It very well is good credit, depending on what you are planning to use it for, of course. If I want, say, a new car, but I do not have a previous record with loans that sounds too good, I make myself appear better in detail and get briefly bound by the contract so that I have to pay less too. Those with a solid economic background are in no less need of credit; the credit can be used to their advantage in numerous ways. But those who just want a simple house or to borrow some money to work, whatever floats their boat, the loan can prove to be detrimental.

Author Bio:

James Somerhalder is a writer and passionate blogger who loves to write for finance related blogs .He is well qualified with master degree in finance that helps him to make his financial planning properly. Apart from blogging he loves music, gardening and writing.


Tenantify – Great Tenant Screening Tool For Any Landlord

Recently I discovered a great website for landlord to screen a tenant, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it. What intrigues me the most is that it leverages technology (bank API, specifically) to verify a tenant’s employment and income accurately.

As a landlord, I believe that your biggest worry is to make regretful decision of accepting a bad tenant. With Tenantify (, you should worry no more.


According to Tenantify’s mission statement, it is to empower landlord to make informed decisions by verifying tenant’s employment and income. It says on its about page, “We help landlord verify tenant’s income via electronic bank statement and verify tenant employment directly with employer. It is a free service for landlord. We save landlord hassle, prevent fraud risk, and make renting worry-free. For tenant, we enhance your chance of application success. Our goal is to reduce friction in the housing market and build trust between landlord and tenant.”

So how does Tenantify do it? It actually connects with the backend API of many banks to pull bank statement directly.

For landlord, there are four steps:

1. Sign up

2. Identify a tenant and send a verification request through Tenantify. This request will go to the tenant in an email. Landlord will be “cc”ed so you are always in the loop.

3. The tenant will click a unique link on the email. This will bring up a form where we gather info from tenant, especially the online banking credential that Tenantify uses to pull bank statement

4. Tenantify runs verification checks, send the result back to landlord and charge the tenant, all in 1 business day.

It is very unique, comparing to any other tenant screening services out there. For one, it directly verifies a tenant’s ability to pay rent (by extension, verifies a tenant’s identity as well). I cannot emphasize enough how valuable this information is to any landlord.

Redeveloping The High Street

Major redevelopment of towns and cities in the 21st century is an interesting, eye catching and colourful fusion of architecture, colour and identity.

The more sympathetic redevelopment of our towns and cities begins with the fusion or mix of the good old and the resplendent new. After all shouldn’t we celebrate and incorporate the best of our historic architecture and support it or surround it with modern architecture that accents and develops it further? In our towns: tasteful shop signs and pavement signs can tie together the parts of our communities, while also representing their corporate brand.

pavement signs

There is inevitable excitement these days in our towns and cities when redevelopment is planned. The eager consumer awaits with bated breath the announcement of the consumer units whose swing signs with adorn our pavements or shop signs will adorn our retail parks. Particularly, for the 21st century householder, being able to plan your new budget based on the range of local amenities can be greatly assisted by knowing what is on offer out there.

As modern adult consumers, we can be satisfied to hear a new pound retailer is opening or a discount super market brand is soon to grace our streets. In our struggling world economy to see the comforting sight of a familiar discounters shop sign or corporate logo on a pavement sign, can enable the consumer to plan frugally or know they can shop in their locality for the best deal.

The most recent fights for corporate supremacy on the streets of the UK have been the pound retailer wars between three prominent pound discounters. At the town centre retail parks we are met with an array of shop signs attached to the retail park tower advertising a wealth of discount retailers, crammed with branded goods at a pound, or in some case less. We flock eagerly to these places in search of a good deal or an essential household item at a heavily discounted price.

shop signs

These bright welcoming shop signs call to us, their swing signs advertising the latest deal and their pavement signs alerting us to the discount or sale within. In this age of austerity we want something for nothing or if not that, something which to us feels like a bargain or that we have paid a good or fair price.

2 for 1, 20 % off or even a half price sale – these signs ensnare us. We are in search of a bargain, a deal or an offer. If we can save a bit here or there, we may be able to afford that holiday, that bill or even save a fortune on kitting the family out.

Indeed, in this respect: the state of the world and local economy coupled with this feeling of an age of austerity has taught us good habits. We are more than ever conscious of what we spend and what we consume.

The Trend For Virtual Services: A Small Business Guide

After the doom and gloom of the recent recession, the economy is finally on the up and businesses everywhere are expecting far healthier profit margins in 2014. Of course with business success and subsequent growth comes a great deal more administration to manage, and the increase of this workload alone can be enough to curtail the efforts of even the most organised entrepreneur.

Reluctant to spend their hard earned profits on extra members of staff, business owners often try to manage their administration themselves, but this can prove problematic especially when trying to keep up communications with a large client base whilst overseeing the day to day running of their company.

Thankfully there is a much needed solution to the suits businesses of any size… step in the Virtual PA.

Admin Support

In a world where we are increasingly reliant upon the internet for our business communications and marketing, it makes perfect sense to use an online service to manage your administration too. Virtual PAs are experienced individuals who can operate anywhere in the country (or indeed the world) to support your business with administrative tasks such as mail outs, marketing, customer service, accounting and much more.

Answering Calls

Travelling entrepreneurs who are constantly on the go may miss vital phone calls from prospective clients, and struggle to maintain the customer service provision they would like and so this is where the function of the PA really comes into its own. Your Virtual PA will promote a professional impression of your business and can work with you to field all incoming calls and emails and direct them to you as appropriate. The PA’s input will ensure that your clients feel valued and that you feel more in control of your customer communications.

Improving your overheads

The use of a virtual PA is the way forward for budget savvy businesses who want to avoid unnecessary overheads. Virtual PAs are able to provide first class assistance on an ad hoc basis or a rolling contract giving business owners the flexibility to increase or decrease their level of support according to their events calendar and budget.

Managing finances in itself can be a daunting task, as business owners struggle to understand complicated bills and long winded contracts, and this is something that a Virtual PA can take on to reduce the workload of a busy manager. A Virtual PA will have the ability to thoroughly research the best deals available and present these to the business owner, saving them a great deal of time and money in the process. Mobile phone contracts are one of the most important services that a business owner will invest in, and it is essential that they select the right package to suit their needs and so avoiding excessive monthly bills. Mobi-Data is one of the UK’s leading mobile internet providers – they pride themselves on delivering excellent customer service with no hidden costs. Bills are simple and easy to understand, the contracts themselves are flexible according to the customer’s needs and with coverage across 97% of the UK and in 40 countries worldwide, business owners will be able to run their enterprise from almost anywhere.

Keeping an eye on your finances

A Virtual PA can also do some of the time consuming activities which you may not be able to complete yourself. For example, they can chase invoice payments and send reminders to clients. This can help keep your finances in check, which is vital for your company. Check this guide for more things you can outsource to your Virtual PA.

By investing in a Virtual PA, you can increase your business productivity, free up your own time and improve the vital cogs that turn your business over.

The Five Reasons That Every Consumer Accessible UK Business Should Consider Installing Automatic Door Openers

The UK is full of many different and interesting people looking to purchase things. Whether in a hotel, a grocery store, or a mall store that sells electronics, customers see stores that they like and judge them based off of their appearance and inventory. As the owner of a boutique hotel based in the UK, I often see this on a daily basis and can tell who wants to rent a room and who does not based off of how they look when coming through our doors. Doors are an important part of any business that deals with the presence of individual customers on a daily basis. I wrote this article to help other UK business owners understand why it is important to have doors that make people excited to enter your store and the numerous other benefits of store accessories such as automatic door openers. So, in order to help my fellow business owners, here are the five reasons that every consumer accessible UK business should consider installing automatic door openers.

automatic door opener

Number 1: Automatic doors bring in crowds.

If a store is spotted having automatic doors (using automatic door openers to do the job) then it is assumed by many people that the store is ahead of others that have simple doors. The futuristic appeal of having the door magically open simply by walking toward it has an appeal for many people of varying backgrounds. Everyone likes to feel like they are shopping at a place that is modern and in touch with the 21st century.

Number 2: During winter, heating savings can be immense.

The cost of having open doors during winter can be huge for many businesses and cost them thousands of extra pounds per season. These doors greatly reduce power bills by shutting themselves off when there is nobody present. Other businesses will often have to contend with inconsiderate people leaving doors and windows open all of the time, but not those with automatic doors for their businesses.

Number 3: Disabled people will have a much easier time entering stores equipped with automatic door devices.

By having heavy and difficult to open doors, a relatively large consumer market is kept out of your business. This will result in reduced profits and a migration of the disabled to other stores that do not contain irritating entrance systems. By removing any interference to going into your establishment, disabled customers will flock to your business in droves and give you much greater profits than beforehand.

Automatic Doors

Number 4: Hospitality businesses will benefit from an added appearance of luxury.

In the hotel industry, feeling is everything. If customers look at your hotel and see it as a shabby outdated place with few modern amenities then they will likely find another hotel. However, those that look new, clean, and modern will fare much better. Possessing futuristic automatic door openers is a crucial element to making a hospitality business seem as luxurious and inviting as possible.

Number 5: Children love to play with them and attract other kids to make purchases.

Small kids will love to play in the doors. At my hotel, I have seen many children stand outside the doors and pretend that they had magic powers to open the door. When they did this, other kids would join them and want to try as well. I would see these same children summer after summer because they liked the place so much that they always returned because of the doors. This is a part of marketing that few people think about, but children have a huge effect on their parent’s purchasing decisions.

I hope you enjoyed this article and wish you success with your UK business!