Managing Your Appointments With Ease

Are you tired of writing your clients appointments down? Tired of having a million stickers on your screen? Or calling clients to confirm their appointments or classes? Well, look no further, online appointment scheduling software is here to simplify your scheduling process. BookSteam in an all-on-one online solution for all of you scheduling needs.

Once your business signs up, sets up their staff, locations, settings they will get a free business webpage where clients can book appointments online 24/7/365. Clients can schedule, re-schedule or cancel their appointments all on their own any time of the day; they don’t need to waist your precious time with phone calls back and forth. Once a client schedules their appointment, he will receive a confirmation email with all the details. BookSteam will automatically send reminders to the clients about their upcoming appointments; this way clients will have less chance to skip it.

Businesses can also eliminate no-shows by requiring a valid credit card at the time of the booking; it will definitely cut down on the no-shows. Have many offices? No problem, BookSteam got you covered; you can integrate all of the locations in one easy to use listing, where clients will pick the closest to them. Try BookSteam online appointment scheduling software 30 day risk free trial today!

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