How To Open A Hair Salon?

When you want to open a hair salon, you should think about as many details as you can as they can make or break your business. You probably have some ideas about the services you want to offer and you will probably check out what competition is doing and then try to offer the same thing. But you should take a step back and consider if you really want to imitate another salons or create something more meaningful. Check some of the tips I have for you and you will be able to look deeper, there are actually many good ideas, you just need to look for them.


Surveys are a great idea to figure out what people want. Your potential clients will tell you things you could never have thought of yourself so it pays off to invest money in a survey. And these days it is not so expensive to have one done, especially with the sites like Ask the right questions and you will get relevant and honest answers which will help you to open a hair salon that will have everything clients want.


Snooping is a must for every business and you should take a look at what other hair salons are selling. The services that they sell should be the same services you offer, plus more than that.

hair salonGroup Discussions

Find 10 or 15 individuals who you see as an ideal clients. Hold a group discussion with them, entice them to talk with one another and you will see how many useful ideas can these people create. They will tell you their most hidden wishes, you just need to know where to look and you will see them. Join in on the conversation, but make sure your ideal clients are doing most of the talking. You will get a lot of useful feedback here.


If you can talk to customers who visited one of your competitors, you could learn a lot about the opportunities you can take advantage of. Whenever there’s a client who is not 100% happy with your competition, that means you can do something to draw them to you, if you offer what they want. This one is a bit trickier, but if you pull it off, you can get some great information and open a hair salon that will be the busiest salon around.

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