How Much Money Can You Save?

To put it simply, one hour that you spend searching for coupons is worth $100 in shopping. Of course, you have to know where to find them, how and when to use them, but it’s not too hard to get the basics down, the only thing you need is just a little bit of willpower and some time. People who start couponing tend to do it on a regular basis when they realize how much money they are saving in the process. In fact, devoted coupon users spend more than 50 hours a week on searching. And for a good reason as well, only in 2011, consumers saved more than 4.6 billion dollars in total! Those numbers are doubled by now, and with the constant increase of coupon usage, the redemption value will jump up to 22.3 billion dollars in the next four years! The amount of coupons actually redeemed is still not so high, so you should ask yourself:

Are you missing out on something?

Let’s take a look at an average coupon user. 78% of users are college educated people. When they are asked why, they explain that this method is socially responsible as well as economical. Households that have over $100K income are more likely to use coupons, and 67% of users are women. We have to notice a pattern here. Although we all have those friends who claim that coupons are “just a necessary evil” and whatnot, a model couponista is a highly educated member of one of the 181.37 million households in the U.S. More than 55% are mothers, and with a constant increase of social media advertisement and online coupon services, your savings can really show an unbelievable profit.

extreme couponing

A fun fact: First coupon ever to be printed was by a local businessman in 1887 in Atlanta, and in exchange you could get a free Coca Cola! We’ve certainly come a long way since then. Today we have more than 112.5 active, online coupon users, and they are saving thousands of dollars with just a couple of hours spent online daily. Imagine the possibilities of extreme couponing and how it can affect your life! You could quit your second job, spend more time with your kids if you are a parent, even donating to charity makes perfect sense and is a reason enough to use the time you spend searching on the internet productively. More than half of the total number of internet users are cashing at least one coupon per year, and in the last two years, the trend of printing coupons has dropped for 20% because they cannot match constant online offers and benefits! With a constant feed of the advantageous opportunities like Amazon promotional codes, we simply don’t need anything else, our savings are going through the roof and all chances are they will keep on growing that way.

You don’t have to pay a lot of attention to notice that as the holiday season approaches, the number of online coupons is increasing rapidly, and if you commit yourself and prepare for that shopping spree when the season comes, you will certainly save hundreds and more likely even thousands of dollars. And why wouldn’t you? Save on gifts that you are going to buy for your kids and loved ones anyway and if you do it right, maybe you’ll treat them with a trip to Disneyland or to the Bahamas as well. Happy couponing!

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