How To Entice Impulse Shopping With Chalkboards

In the marketing world, it has been established through careful studies and surveys that approximately one third of a store’s income is attributed to impulse shopping. In fact, a study has revealed that on average, any one consumer may spend $30 or more on unplanned purchases. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, all business owners do need to take into consideration that impulse shopping is the result of clever marketing tactics that raise awareness of new products, sales or other promotions only available for a limited time. Today, we’re going to take a look at how to entice impulse shopping through the use of chalkboards!

Increase Product Visibility

The point of marketing certain products is to increase their visibility and make it easy for shoppers to spot them, even if they spend limited time in your store. Much like you would with a clearance aisle, create buzz around products in your store that you’re looking to move by using large chalkboards as a marketing tactic. These should be placed cleverly to promote a certain aisle, table or shelf of items.

The chalkboard should be large and noticeable, you can make one yourself or buy one through sellers like Jansen Display. Most importantly, the text you use should have a call-to-action. Use bold and funky text to grab attention and bright colors to ensure they entice shoppers to become aware of the products themselves.


Strategic Signage Positioning

You want people to make an impulse purchase, so it’s important to be strategic in your positioning. For this reason, signage as well as the products themselves are placed near checkout lines or bestselling products. Consumers standing in the checkout line are already making a purchase, therefore, they’re in the mood to buy. Take advantage of the fact that people enjoy spending money in your store by driving the point home with chalk boards.

If your checkout lines tend to get messy or you’re afraid of obscuring other products, the next best strategy is to place them near bestselling products. You’ve already reeled the consumer in with a product they like to purchase regularly, but if you place a similar or better product next to the one they’re buying, they may be inspired to purchase it as well. Do make sure to choose products that have something in common!

Choose Impulse Merchandise Wisely

The point of impulse purchases is that they can be made on a whim. You may have the most wonderful signage promoting a certain product, but if it’s too expensive, no one will make the impulse buy. On the other hand, by choosing products that not only appeal to the masses but are affordable, you can earn significant income this way. Bear in mind that small purchases do tend to add up in the profit department!

When designing your display, it’s not enough to use clever text– it should all mean something. Create a sense of urgency around the product by stating the sale is for today only as it gets people to take action. Reel them in permanently by explaining the value of the deal, and once you have that, you’ve mastered the art of enticing impulse purchases through chalkboards.



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