Why Choose Virtual Dedicated Hosting

Virtual Dedicated Hosting

There are numerous types of web hosting services, making it difficult and confusing to choose which one is the best for your website. If you’re a new webmaster, then you might default to a shared hosting plan. This is often the first step taken by new bloggers, but virtual private servers (VPS) may prove more useful and cost-effective. Virtualization software has come a long way, making VPS more

powerful than ever. This article contains important information about virtual dedicated hosting and what makes it better over shared hosting and dedicated servers.

The Downsides Of Shared Hosting

It is important to understand that shared hosting is cheap for a reason and it’s quite different from virtual dedicated hosting. In this type of web hosting service, small partitions of a single server are rented by customers. Although plenty of new websites can get away with shared hosting, it offers very little customizing and scalability. The resources of the server are shared by all the clients, which means if there are websites that eat up the resources, expect your website to slow down significantly. And since there are multiple people on the same server, shared hosting is also considered as the most unsafe type of web hosting.

Switching To Virtual Dedicated Hosting

If you plan to grow your website in the future, then starting with a virtual private server can prove extremely beneficial. A VPS works almost the same way as shared hosting in that a single physical machine is divided into multiple partitions. However, using a VPS means you get access to guaranteed resources. Each virtual environment has a specific amount of resources. Your site wouldn’t be affected even if there are other websites hosted on the same server since they are using their respective resources.

What’s great about virtual dedicated hosting is that you can enjoy much better performance compared to shared web hosting without hurting your pocket. In fact, there are very affordable VPS solutions from several web hosting companies that are very close in price to some of the high-end shared hosting packages. But some webmasters wonder whether going for a dedicated server would be more useful and worth the money than a VPS.

Are Dedicated Servers The Better Solution?

If you are going to spend more money on a web hosting solution, then why not get the most powerful one? This is a common question asked by plenty of webmasters. Without a doubt, dedicated servers are the premium choice when it comes to web hosting solutions. You get to use all the resources of a single powerful machine and be able to control the different elements of the server. This is the perfect solution especially for websites that receive a great amount of traffic per month.

However, most webmasters wouldn’t make the most out of the resources of a dedicated server. Usually, a VPS offers just the right amount of resources needed by most websites. Virtual private servers are often powerful, secure and fast enough, making them the better option for the majority of webmasters.

There are plenty of advantages to using virtual dedicated hosting. It is much more reliable than shared web hosting but less costly than a dedicated server. A virtual private server can very well be the right solution for your website.

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