Reasons You Should Choose A Brother Colour Laser Printer

Do you want to buy a color laser printer at the most affordable and reasonable price? Well, one of Brother’s top leading products is now well within your recach. Brother’s Colour Laser Printers are regularly voted best in class by various technology reviewers and their MFC-L9550 is particularly outstanding. It promises to provide crisper text, quicker printing speeds and good graphics enough for most medium sized business and home requirements.

Here are a just a handful of reasons why you should take a good look at Brother laser printers if you are seeking to re-equip your office. And for the very best deal on the excellent Brother MFCL9550 visit, the online experts in Brother printers.

Brother Colour Laser Printer

Essential Efficiency Feature

The Brother MFC-L9550 all-in-one, multifunction colour laser printer is packed with labour saving features. It’s also ready to save you money and do its bit for the environment.

This is the ideal printing solution for medium sized workgroups of up to about 10 people, depending on their individual printing requirements. It’s one of the easiest laser printers to integrate with your network as it offers simple wireless connectivity alongside the standard Ethernet and USB options.

Paper is saved with the advanced duplex feature that enables printing on both sides of the paper. And the paper capacity, with the add on paper tray, is a massive 500 sheets. So time is not wasted repeatedly adding new paper to the printer.

Another great feature is the ability to allocate printing page counts to each user in the workgroup. This encourages your team to think about what they are printing and not to waste resources unnecessarily.

The multi-function capability means that you can cut down on the machines needed in your office. The inbuilt scanner is ideal for most office requirements and the built in fax machine makes life very simple indeed.

The menus and controls are all totally intuitive. This is a machine that doesn’t require you to read a huge, technically detailed manual before you can use it. Just connect it to your network, install the drivers and you are ready to print.

Brother Laser Printers

Reasonably Priced

The ongoing cost after purchasing a Brother MFC-L9550 colour laser printer is among the lowest in this class. This differs from when you purchase other low cost colour laser printers which hit you with expensive toner costs. The unit’s price sits comfortably around average and much better than many of the product’s competitors. With high capacity color 2200-page print cartridges available, it offer the best cost per page of any colour laser printer in this price bracket.

Initial costs for a top quality laser printer from Brother are very reasonable indeed. The extensive Brother range means that there are printers for every budget. You can be certain that you will get value for money if you choose a Brother laser printer.

Superb Speed

The print speed of Brother’s Colour Laser Printers is excellent when compared with other colour laser printers and inkjets. The MFC-L9550 is particularly outstanding in this respect. With a maximum colour and monochrome print speed of 32ppm this unit will have those multipage documents printed in no time at all.

This model is the top-notch when it comes to text printing. Generally, home offices consider this kind of printing speed to be an essential feature.

More Than Competing Printers

Brother is often credited for offering more than competitors do. Their printers all come with a one year warranty and a free phone support which is excellent. Its speed is brilliant and for both text and color and the print quality is awesome. Toner costs are very reasonable and advanced features make the toner go that little bit further than other printers.

Brother International Corporation is one of the leading providers of professional quality printing solutions. They are also one of the best in terms of reliable, featured-rich, high-quality fax machines, multi-function printing systems, electronic stationery, sewing machines and many others. They have been providing a great service to their valued customers all around the world since 1954 up to present. So for whatever you need, anytime anywhere Brother is at your side.

The Five Reasons That Every Consumer Accessible UK Business Should Consider Installing Automatic Door Openers

The UK is full of many different and interesting people looking to purchase things. Whether in a hotel, a grocery store, or a mall store that sells electronics, customers see stores that they like and judge them based off of their appearance and inventory. As the owner of a boutique hotel based in the UK, I often see this on a daily basis and can tell who wants to rent a room and who does not based off of how they look when coming through our doors. Doors are an important part of any business that deals with the presence of individual customers on a daily basis. I wrote this article to help other UK business owners understand why it is important to have doors that make people excited to enter your store and the numerous other benefits of store accessories such as automatic door openers. So, in order to help my fellow business owners, here are the five reasons that every consumer accessible UK business should consider installing automatic door openers.

automatic door opener

Number 1: Automatic doors bring in crowds.

If a store is spotted having automatic doors (using automatic door openers to do the job) then it is assumed by many people that the store is ahead of others that have simple doors. The futuristic appeal of having the door magically open simply by walking toward it has an appeal for many people of varying backgrounds. Everyone likes to feel like they are shopping at a place that is modern and in touch with the 21st century.

Number 2: During winter, heating savings can be immense.

The cost of having open doors during winter can be huge for many businesses and cost them thousands of extra pounds per season. These doors greatly reduce power bills by shutting themselves off when there is nobody present. Other businesses will often have to contend with inconsiderate people leaving doors and windows open all of the time, but not those with automatic doors for their businesses.

Number 3: Disabled people will have a much easier time entering stores equipped with automatic door devices.

By having heavy and difficult to open doors, a relatively large consumer market is kept out of your business. This will result in reduced profits and a migration of the disabled to other stores that do not contain irritating entrance systems. By removing any interference to going into your establishment, disabled customers will flock to your business in droves and give you much greater profits than beforehand.

Automatic Doors

Number 4: Hospitality businesses will benefit from an added appearance of luxury.

In the hotel industry, feeling is everything. If customers look at your hotel and see it as a shabby outdated place with few modern amenities then they will likely find another hotel. However, those that look new, clean, and modern will fare much better. Possessing futuristic automatic door openers is a crucial element to making a hospitality business seem as luxurious and inviting as possible.

Number 5: Children love to play with them and attract other kids to make purchases.

Small kids will love to play in the doors. At my hotel, I have seen many children stand outside the doors and pretend that they had magic powers to open the door. When they did this, other kids would join them and want to try as well. I would see these same children summer after summer because they liked the place so much that they always returned because of the doors. This is a part of marketing that few people think about, but children have a huge effect on their parent’s purchasing decisions.

I hope you enjoyed this article and wish you success with your UK business!


How Public Warehousing Can Help Your Business

If you own a company that sells a product, you will need a space to store those items. With so many storage options available, it is important to understand which one will work best for you. Public warehousing has many advantages for both small and big businesses.

One of the biggest reasons to use a public facility is that they offer a great deal of flexibility. As a growing and changing business, you may find that your needs in terms of space or equipment changes over time. You may need more space during a busy season and less space during down time. Instead of paying a flat rate, many facilities can scale your costs based on your needs.

The ability to scale what you pay for space is just one way warehousing is cost-effective. Public warehousing is a great alternative to owning and operating a distribution center, which requires expensive technology and labor to maintain your chain supply. The money you save can be redirected toward other areas like research and marketing, or you can pass the cost savings on to your customers.

Another advantage to utilizing public warehouses is that they are regionally based. That means you can rent spaces that are close to your customers, which can reduce delivery times. You can utilize multiple storage spaces to accommodate the diverse requirements your customer groups have. This is a big part of quality customer service, and a satisfied customer may translate to a loyal customer.

Lastly, the business of public warehousing is based on providing those logistical services your company relies on to operate. Therefore, all the resources in the warehouse are dedicated to providing the best possible service to your business and, thus, your customers. Many of these facilities are constantly changing as they keep up with the latest technology and training available. If you are considering utilizing a storage space for your business, a public warehouse can increase your bottom line and boost your customer service.

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