Overcoming Shyness As A Project Manager

Project managers can be shy, which seems impossible but it does happen. If this is you, this article has a few tips to help you deal with it and become an effective shy project manager.

When you work in project management you meet all kinds of people. Confident people, funny people, cocky people and of course shy people. Shy people tend to be a little introverted, quiet and prefer to work as an individual rather than in a group. Project management training teaches you how to bring the best out of everyone, shy or not. But what if you as a project manager, suffer from shyness?

It might seem improbable to many that a person in a leadership position could be shy. Project managers are meant to be confident, outgoing and bold aren’t they? Can a shy project manager be effective?

The first thing to recognise is the fact you are going to face a lot of challenges in this position if you are shy. Management of people will not come naturally to you, even if you have a professional qualification such as the APMP or PMP certification these technical skills will not help you with your people skills. You will have to actively self reflect and work on other skills daily, something you already have to do as a project manager anyway so your personal workload will not be small.

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If you are a project manager struggling with shyness, or you’re working your way through project management training to become a project manager, here are a few challenges you will face and how to get through them:

Bonding With Your Team

In project management you will work with lots of different people, and it should be as simple as introducing yourself and getting to know them and then pushing forward with planning the project management framework. If you’re shy, it really isn’t that simple. You may feel stressed, anxious and desperately trying to appear unawkward. These people are looking to you for leadership, how on earth can you break the ice and be shy?

The first thing you need to do is summon a bit of inner confidence and accept that you will be pushing team bonding in your direction, not in the way people might expect or want it to happen. You could get to know the team individually at first and then perhaps communicate with the group via a planner or email list. Set up meetings with each team member letting them know what you want to talk about and what you expect them to ‘bring to the table’ during the meeting. That way you avoid the blush inducing introduction in front of the entire team, and you get to sit and listen to each team member individually, breaking you in gently and enabling you to get comfortable with them before moving forward with group tasks.

Difficult Conversations

No amount of project management training can prepare you for difficult conversations, which makes them even more difficult when you’re shy. When someone is underperforming or behaving badly, they will need a direct and sensitive chat from you. These types of conversations are difficult for all project managers but for shy project managers, they can be completely terrifying.

If possible, when approaching your first ‘difficult conversation’ see if a mentor or trusted colleague at the same level of authority can guide you through these situations until you feel able to confidently initiate them yourself. Seeing another person calmly and competently deal with a difficult conversation will enable you to learn how to do it well, and provide you with the confidence to initiate it yourself. As a general rule, the more difficult conversations you have the easier they will become because you won’t have that fear of the unexpected.

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Being The Boss

You are a project manager, you will need to be the boss and lead, there’s no way around it. You will need to delegate tasks, lead troubleshooting sessions and set goals and you will need to effectively encourage your team continually. When you’re shy, being the boss will not come naturally, and will seem daunting.

First you need to get comfortable with your team as above, that will make you feel more confident about leading them. After that, you need to invest time in preparing. You will receive questions, challenging attitudes and all kinds of issues from various people and circumstances – not just your team. Project management is a topsy turvy, turbulent world, so the more prepared you are the better, even if you’re simply prepared for the unexpected. Some things you cannot prepare for but others you really can. If you’re delegating tasks or setting time frames, your team may question your approach – have answers ready for if this happens. Confident and outgoing project managers can think on their feet and answer questions thrown at them, shy project managers may struggle to think on their feet because of the pressure of the social interaction and will therefore have their authority shot down. The more prepared you can be, the more confident you will feel in responding to any questions or issues.

Remember, although it might seem like the highest mountain to climb, you really should think about the amazing view you’ll get when you do reach the top (and you will!). Project management is an amazing career choice and having a growth mindset will get you far, shy or not.

Still think you need more training? Book yourself onto some project management training courses and boost your skillset.

Business Solutions For Small Business

There’s certain number of people who believe that it’s easy to start a business. But the truth is, starting a small business can be a very challenging task. You will have to invest a lot of effort to deal with many small issues that appear each and every day. Besides dealing with these every day problems, you have to stay focused on your business and develop it further.

Since you want to stay focused on how to deliver more value to your customers and where to find more customers, you will need someone to take care of those small but important tasks. Having a website built and maintained, developing an e-store, managing projects, sending invoices and staying within budget are important tasks that take a lot of your time. Of course, you can’t ignore them because they are an important part of your business. So, what’s the solution here? If you visit http://www.iprosh.com you will get all the details you need. But, let me say a couple more words about this.
Business Solutions For Small BusinessOutsourcing

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How To Succeed With Your Small Business

I believe you need two things to start a business:

1. Desire to make things better

2. Ability to change to make this happen

Many business owners are focused on new ventures or on dealing with daily tasks and problems so they don’t have enough time to learn basic management principles. And these are very important if you want your small business to last. Every large company owner knows how to manage things because trial and error taught him a lot of lessons. This experience is something a small business owner should use because it is a valuable resource.
small businessYou will notice that entrepreneurs have a lot of technical knowledge about the service or product they offer. But what many of them are missing is experience or even formal training in management. This is what makes any business work, the activities in the back room are very important for the company to stay on the market. No matter how good is the product or service you are offering, you have to have a properly organized business. To succeed, you need to know how to manage things, otherwise the company will fail. And this is exactly what happens with many companies.

I would urge you to read read small business success stories and see what kind of things people who succeeded had to do. Running a small business is never easy, and it gets even harder when you have to work with 5-15 employees. Then you have to change yourself and start managing people instead of managing things.

Learn from others, there are many who already ventured the path you are now on. You need to transform yourself from the technical expert, the man who knows his service and product, into a strategic thinker, someone who manages everything he has properly so that the business can thrive.

Managing Your Appointments With Ease

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Tenantify – Great Tenant Screening Tool For Any Landlord

Recently I discovered a great website for landlord to screen a tenant, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it. What intrigues me the most is that it leverages technology (bank API, specifically) to verify a tenant’s employment and income accurately.

As a landlord, I believe that your biggest worry is to make regretful decision of accepting a bad tenant. With Tenantify (https://tenantify.com), you should worry no more.


According to Tenantify’s mission statement, it is to empower landlord to make informed decisions by verifying tenant’s employment and income. It says on its about page, “We help landlord verify tenant’s income via electronic bank statement and verify tenant employment directly with employer. It is a free service for landlord. We save landlord hassle, prevent fraud risk, and make renting worry-free. For tenant, we enhance your chance of application success. Our goal is to reduce friction in the housing market and build trust between landlord and tenant.”

So how does Tenantify do it? It actually connects with the backend API of many banks to pull bank statement directly.

For landlord, there are four steps:

1. Sign up

2. Identify a tenant and send a verification request through Tenantify. This request will go to the tenant in an email. Landlord will be “cc”ed so you are always in the loop.

3. The tenant will click a unique link on the email. This will bring up a form where we gather info from tenant, especially the online banking credential that Tenantify uses to pull bank statement

4. Tenantify runs verification checks, send the result back to landlord and charge the tenant, all in 1 business day.

It is very unique, comparing to any other tenant screening services out there. For one, it directly verifies a tenant’s ability to pay rent (by extension, verifies a tenant’s identity as well). I cannot emphasize enough how valuable this information is to any landlord.

Setting A Long Term Goal Environment

1.   You need to be prepared to accept setbacks

Sometimes your business isn’t going as fast as you would like. Without changing things within the company and trying to repair damage, think about what really matters. Your long term goals are more important and if your business is moving in the right direction, that means you don’t have to make a change every time you hit a bump on a business highway.

2.   Customers are your priority

Without your customers, you don’t have a business. It’s as simple as that and you need to make this your priority compared to everything else.

3.     Time and work force

These are limited resources so you need to stay focused and use these to attract more customers.

4.     Evaluate your efforts

Discover how much your daily tasks and efforts actually contribute your long term goals. You should also do this with the people who work for you.