Safety in the Workplace: 10 Hidden Hazards

workplace safety

Dangers exist in every workplace – according to OSHA, a government agency responsible for health and safety of more than 130 million workers, more than 4,800 workers are killed on the job, which means that daily, and around 13 workers in the United States go to work and never come home. What’s more, each year, 3.3 million workers suffer an injury from which they may never recover. Every employer has a responsibility to ensure a safe workplace, and each worker also has a responsibility to themselves take caution when on the job. Of course, some hazards are more common than others, and no matter how conscious you are about observing safety rules on the job – accidents can still happen.
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How To Select The Best London Sales Recruitment Agencies

If you have a business where you are making money as a result of marketing your products through a sales team that you have hired, you may want to expand your reach into your market by hiring additional sales representatives. It is sometimes difficult to find trained professionals that are skilled at not only presenting the information about your products or services, but closing the deal so that new clients can be added to help your business grow. If you are in London, the following tips will show you how to select the best London sales recruitment agencies, companies that will only provide you with the best choices when it comes to building a sales force for your business. Continue reading

Protect Your Premises With Biometric Time Clocks

What if we could know where every individual who enters a specific building is located at, at all times? Wouldn’t it be great if you could know that only authorized individuals are inside your building? This would be great for all those who want to keep intruders out of certain areas. Today, something like this is possible with biometric time clocks.
biometric-time-clocksA couple decades ago only government facilities with high security used biometric time clocks to keep an eye on all visitors. But now it is possible for any industry and institution to use these devices and increase the security. Since biometric time clocks can recognize fingerprints, palms or images of people who are registered within the system, there is no need for security guards or doorman. Every person who is supposed to enter a specific area or a building will be able to enter, all others will be stopped at the door.

Another great thing is that these devices can keep track of all the data, store them in a database so specific computations and reports can be made. So, it is possible to keep track of thousands of people, where did they get inside the protected area and at what time they entered the area. All this is possible because biometric time clocks can recognize biological imprints which are impossible to copy or forge. This is a great protection against thieves or saboteurs since only authorized individuals can get inside the building or any other protected area. Access cards and IDs can be stolen, but identities can’t.
ATS-Hand-PunchSince a reliable biometric time clocks supplier makes these devices for businesses and homeowners, the prices of these systems are considerably lower than they were 10 or 20 years ago. Homes and small businesses can use these devices because they are quite affordable to install and maintain. I believe that in 10 years or so this will become a standard and every home will have a biometric time clock for maximum security and protection.

The Perks Of HR Outsourcing

An organization’s human resource department has been responsible for taxes and other duties. As important as their jobs may be, a lot of companies choose to outsource human resources instead of hiring them permanently anymore. Here are some reasons why:

1. Expenses for hiring new employees are reduced.
2. Time needed for training of the human resources is deducted.
3. You can call upon the outsourcing company if there are troubles with the human resources.
4. Human resources are most likely to be experienced.
5. Operation of tasks is more focused.
6. It is easier to develop internal staff.
7. There are lesser risks in management.
8. Tasks are done by the human resource with more efficiency.
9. It is easier for the outsourced human resources to implement company policies.
10.The employees of the outsourcing company are more likely to attain a work/life balance.

outsource human resources

Outsourcing human resources has been a way for a company to reduce expenses and to improve work-efficiency.