Don’t Obsess Over PageRank

For those of you still using a version of pre-Internet Explorer 10, do you obsess over the PageRank value feature of the Google Toolbar? Honestly, you can’t blame yourself. The value is displayed so clearly for you to scrutinise your website and wonder why it isn’t higher. You then work tirelessly trying to acquire backlinks with a relentless focus, only to let quality standards slip on your website.

Wake Up to the Con

The truth of the matter is that you have allowed yourself to be conned. Just think about this for a moment: the Google Toolbar only exists on Internet Explorer browsers that predated the current version. Google didn’t even want to put it in Chrome. The crux of the matter is that the G-Men don’t realise they have made a mistake by driving us all crazy about the rankings of our websites

Google Formed the Current Landscape

Essentially, the G-Men have perpetuated the situation whereby naïve business and website owners pay extortionate amounts of money to obtain a solitary backlink to try and boost PageRank. However, this practice is undertaken in spite of Google expressly stating that sites found to be doing so will be punished. But it’s all their fault, really.

PageRank Updated Constantly

Most people without significant SEO knowledge assume that PageRank is only updated when Google reports the values, but this simply isn’t true. These values are constantly being updated throughout the year – not just three to four times. In 2013, there were just two reported changes because of a fault in Google’s internal systems transferring the data to their dying toolbar.

Google Toolbar is Dying

Google Toolbar is not going to exist for much longer and nothing will be done about it. Then, we will simply have to depend on unreliable browser plugins for attempting to calculate PageRank – or else we could just focus on improving our websites with copywriting services and flashy graphics to create value for our users.