Thinking Of Starting An Online Business? Here Are Some Realities Of Business Online

For years I wanted to setup my own business. Then the recession hit and I really didn’t have a choice. I have learned a lot in the last few years and setting up an online store was harder than I ever imagined. Well I lie, setting up the store is the easy part but getting the sales you need to survive is where it becomes challenging.

After spending countless hours researching on various forums about what system to use for a website, how to rank in Google, how to market your business I decided that starting an online store was not going to be easy. Needless to say it was still one of my goals and something I thought that would compliment my skills. Being a lot more tech savvy than the average joe I decided to start an online store selling cheap ink cartridges.

abstract 3d illustration of internet business conceptual sign

As with most start-ups I didn’t have a lot of cash and ended up doing most of the things myself. I setup various social media accounts, built the website with the help of a professional coder, added the products, done my own search engine optimisation and setup an adwords account.

Running the social media accounts is nearly a full time job in itself and something I am constantly tweaking. I find that google adwords can work but it is very expensive and the bills can rack up pretty quickly if you are not sure what you are doing.

The one thing I love about ecommerce is the relatively low cost of setup and the high potential. I hope this post encourages people who are thinking of starting their own online business to take the leap but to be realistic and realise it’s not as simple as putting up a site and sitting back!