Promotional Drink Coasters

Every product and its product line are created to maximize the effect of that product in the market. This is the prime target of marketing where the value of product is created by the company in the eye of customer. If you are advertising a brand new type of software, the only best source is the web and it is surely the best venue, it’s because audience has shifted to the latest technology and computer proficiency of the audience has increased. Advertising is done with the same method either, it is the advertisement of footwear or something else. Anyhow, the marketing of that product is very effective and it takes an active part in all the aspects and the example of marathon in a fitness center is absolutely perfect in the marketing of footwear products.

Drink coasters are a kind of niche marketing tools and its target is the specific product which has some precautions and messages for the audience. If we discuss about coasters then it is a concern of thinking for the individuals who are conscious about their drinks. This involves the presence of alcoholic and nonalcoholic fare. However, use and display of coasters might be achieved with the help of those who are unique and have some expressive ideas. They are those who are very diligent and conscious about their product and take a bit more care and got complete possession over this. Simply the distribution of free marketing coasters is not the way for all the customers who are expected to use this product. Many people avoid using coasters and they are very careful whenever they are doing the advertising for this. The clever ways and techniques of advertising are needed to place your coaster message before to engage an audience.

promotional drink coasters

The focus of promotional drink coasters is on individuals who enjoy it, and this is absolutely checked and tested. The use drink coasters are seen in bars and you will never walk into any average bar in America, and you will not experience cheap beer that is not printed, in fact you will go for the logo and design of the beer company. The method to place advertisements for the coasters is directly done to target audience, and all the manufacturing of coasters is done greatly, further it helps audience to get easy access over merchandise. Recently this has changed the effect and in some cities under the government authorities, the use of drink coasters is done to prominent the unwanted effects of alcoholic consumption.

Lots of coasters have been handed over to the local bars which have changed it overall. However, it has bad effect and can result in the shape of accident and can also take life of others, if the drink is consumed in local bars. Usually it happens in the form of unconsciousness where the action of driving takes place. Probably, the beer and liquor companies have started paying to bars to use unique materials. Although it is a high niche method of advertising and its outcome is also a very serious concern.

The Different Types of Ads on Facebook: Learn about Them and Implement Them

I’ve been thinking about doing this post for several weeks because one part of our Facebook Marketing class that is often very difficult for our students is creating a publicity strategy.

Now, they don’t always tell us directly that this is the case, but they say things like: “I just want to create an ad that works and that I can run whenever I want.” “I want to figure out what ads to run, when to run them, and what sector of the public to direct them at.” Or “I want to know what ads work best depending on what stage of my sales funnel I’m on.”

I was surprised by this because I was expecting the creative part to be the hardest for them, or perhaps the goals or technical subjects pertaining to the use of Power Editor…

But in the end the conclusion that I’ve reached is that I need to write a post that talks about the different kinds of ads according to what step you’re focusing on and what demographic you’re targeting. Are you ready for this? Let’s begin!

facebook advetising

>>> Facebook ads to get Likes for your page <<<

-For people who visit your webpage

Ad type: Promoting your page

Demographic: Personalized demographic > Traffic from the website

Let’s take a look at ads aimed at getting Likes for your Facebook page from users who have visited your webpage, in other words, retargeting. To do this you should insert a pixel code that Facebook generates for you onto your website’s home page.

This is a great option because you know we’re dealing with users who have already shown interest in what you do since they’ve been to your website and will probably recognize your business when they see it in the newsfeed.

– For your subscribers database

Type of ad: Promoting your page

Demographic: Personalized demographic > Client list

With this ad what we want to do is show it to the users who are subscribed to our newsletter, for example. To do this, you’ll need to upload your database to Facebook (I recommend using .txt format since .csv sometimes causes problems).

– For fans of pages that are similar to yours

Type of ad: Promoting your page

Demographic: Utilizing ‘interests’ > Similar pages

Another great option is targeting people who have Liked a page that either belongs to one of your competitors or complements your business.

This is as simple as selecting the name of the desired Facebook page in the interest. This will obviously be a little bit less specific than the other two options, but it can still point people with certain interests in your market niche or product type towards your business.

* IMPORTANT: Remember to always exclude users who are already fans of your page.

>>> Facebook ads for expanding your database <<<

– Convert your fans into email accounts

Ad type: Attract people to your website

Demographic: Your fans

One of the most important steps in your marketing funnel is converting your fans into email subscribers. You can achieve this more easily by using a landing page with a free product giveaway, such as an e-book or a sale or a class that requires the participants to register with an email address.

Your fans are probably the easiest demographic to deal with on Facebook, so you should enjoy a higher conversion rate with them.

– Offer a giveaway to fans of similar pages

Ad type: Attracting people to your website

Demographic: Utilizing ‘interests’ > Similar pages

This is a little less specific than using your own fan base, but even so, this demographic has a certain level of interest in your sector. Once again, in this case you’re directing people who’ve Liked other pages that complement your business in some way, or you can be even more aggressive and go for your competitors’ fans directly (you have to be a Rebel, even on Facebook, right?).

>>> Facebook ads that sell your products <<<

– Sell to your fans

Ad type: Bring people to your website

Demographic: Your fans

Everybody who runs ads on Facebook seems to think that this type of ad is going to bring them Coca-Cola-style success, but it’s not always as easy as you might think. The good news, however, is that from the moment your fans see this ad, they already recognize your business and so you’ve already got their confidence.

– Sell to your subscribers or buyers

Ad type: Attract people to your website

Demographic: Personalized demographic > Customer list

When you launch a new product, in general the first audience you show the launching to is your subscriber list. We really like using this demographic (subscriber or customer databases) on Facebook because it works great as a test audience.

– Sell to people who are interested in your product

Ad type: Attract people to your website

Demographic: Personalized demographic > Traffic from the website (URL of the product that you want to sell)

We’ve talked about remarketing (or retargeting) hundreds of times on the Online Rebels blog. But the difference in this case is that we aren’t going to show the ad to users who have visited our homepage; instead, we’re only going to show it to people who have visited the page for the product that we want to sell to them.

This type of ad is very effective since we already know for sure that this person has expressed interest in that specific product.

* IMPORTANT: When you create ads with the goal of converting (whether sales or registrations), you should set up a conversion tracker with the pixel that Facebook creates. That way, you’ll be able to keep track of how many conversions each ad makes. This pixel is a small html code that you should insert on your sales process’s thank you page (the page that confirms that the sale went through).

Edward Azorbo facebook ads

>>> Facebook ads for promoting your content <<<

– Promote your content to your fans

Ad type: Attract people to your website

Demographic: Your fans

This specific ad type is very important because due to the recent changes to Facebook the organic demographic that we reach with our posts is very small, and if we want our content to expand to generate value, confidence, and authority, we have to pay… Keep in mind that for this type of ad, content is what’s going to give us the foundation for making more sales further down the road.

In this specific case we can focus on our Facebook fans.

– Promote your content to a demographic similar to that of your subscriber database

Ad type: Attract people to your website

Demographic: Similar personalized demographic

In addition to being able to upload your subscriber database to Facebook, this gives us the option of being able to create a demographic that’s similar to the database that we’ve uploaded. That way we can get a demographic that’s different from the one that we already had but which has tastes and interests that are very similar to the one in our database, which means that there’s a good chance that they’ll like our content, too.

By Rebelde senior – Edward Azorbo 



Online Classified Ads: How They Changed The World Of Advertising

In the world of advertising, classified ads websites are nowadays a one-stop-shop for pretty much every, and anything. Whether you are looking for a new job or a flat, a new car or a used one, or even a puppy, you are bound to find it all with just a few simple clicks.

Online classified ads offer users the possibility of reaching a wider audience as well as an opportunity for low cost publicity. What is also interesting with classified sites is that consumers don’t just buy or sell items. They use classified ads websites to arrange meetings, discuss deals, exchange items, review and advertise products or services, even to find information on entertainment, announcements and tickets for events.


One of the reasons why classified ads have taken advertising by storm is that they can be seen by potentially thousands, if not millions of people, are cost effective and easy to create. Most classified ads websites offer the possibility to post free ads with inexpensive features and options available to help increase their visibility. Classifieds Websites like TheGoodDeal in UK offer in addition, a simple way to manage multiple ads with a free showcase, a free comparison tool, the chance to set up email alerts or select your favourite online ads, all for free.

Classifieds sites are also continuously streamlining their content, services and features. Most sites nowadays are connected via Social Media, giving users that sense of safety, familiarity and community while almost immediately helping to reach a greater audience, something that was never possible before.


And even in difficult times, with rising unemployment and a sluggish economy, online classified ads are a simple way to make some extra money whilst making space and minimising cluttering at home, or helping to launch your business even with limited experience or extensive start-up funds.

With the number of Internet users growing exponentially every day, our hectic lifestyles and the possibility of multitasking on the run, more and more people are taking advantage of the benefits of using classified ads to simplify their lives and even save money, or make a profit.

Online classified ads have not only changed the world of advertising, they are here to stay!