7 Ways to Make Awesome Sales Calls

Making a phone call

Are you employees sales-call shy? If they are, take heart as there are many experts who have plenty of experience making effective sales calls and I found trying some of the things that they’ve done has helped me succeed. Even if picking up the phone makes some of your employees nervous, here is what will help them make killer sales calls.

1. Facing the fact that they are a salesperson

There are a lot of people that resist that they are actually salespeople. Maybe they’ve had experiences with people in this industry who were less than professional. When you think about it, salespeople are individuals who solve problems for others and earn money doing it. If your employees don’t see themselves this way, you need to ask yourself – does your telephone team need sales training?

2 Believe in themselves

We are all individuals and valuable persons. The product or service that we sell also has value, especially when it is matched with the correct customer. When people know that they are valuable they are unstoppable. If someone on the other end of the call is not receptive, that doesn’t stop a sales-call superstar.

3 Setting daily goals to contact new prospects

Set a number and help your employees reach out to at least two people that they don’t know. This can be done over the phone, by e-mail or even by social media. It’s important to stay proactive with new contacts every day. This is entirely possible!

recording with sales training

4 Work from a client-based script

The script has to focus on the client – not on the person making the call.

5 Leave effective voice mails

Your team needs to create irresistible voice mail messages to get someone to return their call. You know what drives your business and you need to have a metric your employees will use to reach goals. For example, increasing client web traffic by 15%. Don’t forget to cover the basics as well like making sure the salesperson will ask the prospect to call them back because many times callbacks are not made simply because no one asked.

6 Listening to their own voice

Use your voice mail system to review the messages so that each and every caller can hear the sound of their voice. This gives them a chance not only to hear what they said, but how it sounded. When people communicate by phone, 27% of that communication is their words and 73% is their tone.

7 Follow-up on calls

If there is no response,  that’s not a reason to stop. It’s crucial to make another call or leave another message.




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