Business Portraits For A Great First Impression

Business portraits play an important role for every business person nowadays. There are certain professions that encourage the use of portraits, but there are some professions where business portraits are a must. If you are a realtor, a lawyer or a doctor, you want your prospects to notice you. And this is why you need a professional business portrait. It will make a difference in getting a new client.
CEOportraitHow can you create good impression with a business portrait?

Let’s make an example here. Imagine you need to consult with an investment broker and you want to find someone you can trust, someone who is reliable and trustworthy. And if you visit a website of the person you were referred to, you see a person who’s dressed casually, taking a immature pose, with shadows in the background. I think you wouldn’t contact that person, let alone invest your money. This is how most people think, obviously, therefore it is important to have a great looking photo of you on your website or a social media site account. If you currently don’t have a good quality photo, it’s best that you don’t use something else as a replacement. Find a photographer that makes great business portraits as soon as possible and then use that photo to promote yourself and your business.

People see a lot when they take just one quick look at the person standing in front of them. And if you have a business and want people to take you seriously and trust you, you need a professional business portrait done. You want to look trustworthy, and for that you need to hire someone who knows what to do. Everything from your clothes, your pose, your look and smile will be judged so it has to look perfect.

CEOportrait2First impressions matter, and unfortunately, they are hard to erase. This can be unfair, but not if you know how to make a great first impression. If you can stand out from the rest, you will succeed in your business. Once you have a good headshot, you will have an advantage over your competition in any business. Why not take advantage of that?

All About The Sepura Earpiece

Sepura is a well known UK based company that manufactures plc designs, digital mobile radios, applications and systems used for communication. They have been consistent producers and their systems are evident in many sectors including security, fire service, ambulance and alarms, transport, airport, mining among many others. Their two way radios are perhaps the most renowned products used in several countries. Sepura radio earpiece is one of the accessories bought along with Sepura radios. It is specifically designed to allow fluid communication by reducing background noise and focusing the sound frequencies.

Features of the Sepura radio earpiece
Sepura has many radio phone ranges, although the most populous are SRP and SRH series. SRP series stormed the world in 2004. They are much smaller than conventional mobile radios and are worn on the lapel rather than belt. The earpieces are custom made to suit each series and some of the features include one/two lengthy wires, locking screw, PPT Microphone switch, crocodile clipping, and ear buds. The earpiece is usually purchased in a kit that houses the mentioned features. The earpiece is worn the same way TV presenters and/or security operatives do by attaching it to the collar. The dimensions are usually as follows; 3 feet PPT connector, 2 feet transducer unit connecter (15mm – 17mm) and cable diameter of 2.5 mm. The ear bud is often single and can be worn on either ear (left or right). 

Advantages of the earpiece
There are many advantages of using Sepura radio earpiece. These sets are made to suit use for specific radio models and therefore work better in reducing noise and are clearer than other earpiece. Radio earpiece is one enhancement that was traditionally unavailable, but now exhibits incredible technologies to ensure communication improvement through enhanced clarity. Since radios communicate using short random frequencies, they are more affected by background interference which may cause irritating noise. This can also make communication very difficult. Earpieces are designed to further filter noise and provide more focused sound.

The Sepura radio earpiece are lengthy enough (over 3 feet) and can be used with radios worn on the belt or chest without any difficulties. This also makes them easier to use while working since they allow normal movement patterns without falling off the ear. Clipping screws ensure the earpiece remains connected to the radio even during altered movements like running and bending. Crocodile clips are used to further maintain the earpiece in position. They also allow the ear bud to remain in close range when not in use. These cables can be adjusted using scissors to eliminate spare tubes over the ear. The tips and fitting can also be removed and reset as desired.

Durability is another advantage of the Sepura earpieces. The wide diameter of strong Kevlar cables is suitable for use in high contact situations and minor scratches will not reach the inner transmission wires. The cables are mostly rubber which reduces chances of cutting or breaking and are also easy to wipe off any dirt. 

The earpieces have PPT microphone switches to allow communication without removing the radio from its pocket. This makes them suitable for use in roads when driving. They only feature a single bud that is designed to fit in both ears. The single bud allows users to communicate and still remain attentive to their surroundings.

Considerations for buying 
When choosing an earpiece for Sepura mobile radios, there are a few factors to evaluate. The earpieces are designed to fit individual models of a
given series. It is therefore necessary to choose one that is compatible with your radio. Other factors to consider may include length of the cable, material used and type of PPT switch. The cable should exhibit durability and sound clarity. The type of ear bud/tip is also necessary to check to ensure it does not have seams that may scratch and harm your ear.

A Sepura radio earpiece is an important accessory that should be bought alongside any Sepura mobile radio. Just like conventional radio piece, these sets are excellent for use in situations that require maximum concentration and use of both arms. Security and rescue teams for example may need to stay in communication while driving or running. The earpiece also filters some of the background noise thus allowing clearer communications.

Improve Efficiency With GPS Fleet Tracking

Some people would say that investing in fleet tracking GPS solution is an unnecessary expense, especially in this economy. Budgets are being cut, investments reduced and this has an effect on the global economy. Running a haulage company is very stressful these days and you need to make a lot of important, brave decisions. These decisions will make or break your business.

There are managers who decide to cut expenditure and let people go, but this will save them money in the beginning only. Short term gains like this will have an impact in the future and the entire business may suffer when cuts are made. On the other side, if you spend money now, you will take some risks but you will reap the rewards down the road. Wise business owners know it pays of to take initiative and expand their business.

A smart choice to make is to invest in a fleet tracking equipment. This will definitely increase efficiency and productivity on all levels and will create long term benefits for your business. Here’s a short overview of how your business will change after you decide to install fleet tracking GPS solutions.

Fleet Tracking GPS Solutions
Lower Labor And Fuel Costs

Once you get detailed reports on unauthorized vehicle use, vehicle idling and speeding, fuel costs will reduce drastically. Employees will be responsible for any fuel and time they wasted. You will be able to improve performance by raising the standards, and detailed reports will be the foundation for these changes. Another thing GPS tracking solutions will help with is improving efficiency by selecting the best vehicle routes.

Improved Productivity

Another thing GPS tracking solutions will help with is improving efficiency by selecting the best vehicle routes. You will be able to dispatch your fleet in real time, there will be no delays in sending and receiving information so your staff will be able to answer to any new developments fast. Traffic, weather, accidents and other elements that can delay your drivers will be accounted for quickly so you can reroute your drivers in a timely manner. Actually, you won’t have to make even one call to reroute your fleet. You can simply change the predetermined route in the navigation system, and that’s it!


You can set alerts that will remind your drivers when maintenance is needed. Also, detailed utilization reports can be made so that you do not replace a vehicle that is still cost effective to run.

As you can see, there are many advantages fleet tracking GPS solutions offer. In these tough times, installing a reliable system is a wise investment in your business. Now, and for the future.

Do all Walkie-Talkies Work Together?

No, not all walkie-talkies will work together. UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and VHF (Very High Frequency) two-way radios are simply incompatible with one another and will not work together, even if they are tuned to the same frequency. There are sites out there on the web that offer some dubious methods of fixing this problem, but frankly, we don’t recommend any of them.

However, two-way radios made by different manufacturers will usually work together fine, provided that both units are either UHF or VHF radios and that both are tuned to the same frequency. Some users are confused by this fact, but really, there ought to be no fundamental difference between two radios, even if a different company manufactured each one.

Likewise, the same is also true for two completely different radio models. It is possible for an old radio to work when paired with a new one (and vice versa), because the technology is fundamentally the same on every device. As long as the radios are on the right frequency and they are both the right type of radio (VHF or UHF), then there shouldn’t be a problem.

Digital two-way radios, however, do present a problem. A digital radio is possibly not compatible with an analogue one, even if they are the same make of radio. We say ‘possibly’ because some digital two-ways are capable of operating on either analogue or digital – and those ones will most likely work.

Now, here’s the bit where we cover our collective backsides, because although we’re saying that these radio combinations should work, it does not guarantee that they will work. We don’t know the radios you’re trying to connect and we don’t know how new or old the radios in question are. In all probability, there are radios out there that are completely incompatible with one another. Because of this, it is always best to do your own research first, before you order anything. We say it time and time again, but you’d be surprised how many people simply don’t listen. Before you order your next radio, make categorically sure that what you’re ordering will work with what you already have.

Now that we’re said/written that, its time to come down off the ceiling and stop panicking, because the vast majority of radios will work together fine, given a shared frequency band and a little ‘can do’ spirit. The technology is relatively simple, as we’ve explained elsewhere this month, so there isn’t a lot that can go wrong, really.

3 Reasons Recruiters Pick Your Resume (or Don’t)

Executive recruiters are on a mission: they have job orders from a client (the employer or organization who pays him) and his role is to fill that job order with the ideal candidate – not the pretty good applicant, or the person who has expertise that kind of sort of provides what the employer wants – but the absolutely perfect candidate.

Bear this in mind in order to not waste time and cause yourself frustration in your job search. Following are three factors recruiters consider when deciding to pick your resume (or not) in 10 seconds or less.

Recruiters may pick your resume if…your history is chronological, not a functional one. Too often times, candidates opt for functional resumes in an attempt to showcase something that seems different. Don’t do that. The reason the functional resume came into existence was to highlight functions regardless of time frames. However, translated another way (the bad way): you conducted these functions way back in history, so truly they’re no longer relevant to the position the recruiter is looking to fill.

Recruiters may pick your resume if…you’re in the same industry as the employer. The hard, cold reality is, if the employer is a manufacturer and you’re in information technology, even though the employer needs a VP, Operations and you were / are a VP, Operations doesn’t mean you’re aligned. There will be many candidates who actually have manufacturing background.

Recruiters may pick your resume if…your key words and expertise match. If the employer wants to fill a Chief Infrastructure Architect role, the recruiter won’t select a resume with expertise of “computer programming.” However, you can be chosen if your resume says your expertise is, “IT infrastructure strategy, scalability & capacity optimization.”

If you meet these criteria, submit your resume to all the relevant recruiters as seems reasonable. However, if not, take another path in your job search. Network in a way that demonstrates actual value – in other words, don’t just show up and collect as many contacts as you can. Or, contact a company you’d like to work for directly, especially if you see the company is growing. Spreading your eggs across many baskets means reaching a swifter, happier resolution to your job search.

How To Open A Hair Salon?

When you want to open a hair salon, you should think about as many details as you can as they can make or break your business. You probably have some ideas about the services you want to offer and you will probably check out what competition is doing and then try to offer the same thing. But you should take a step back and consider if you really want to imitate another salons or create something more meaningful. Check some of the tips I have for you and you will be able to look deeper, there are actually many good ideas, you just need to look for them.


Surveys are a great idea to figure out what people want. Your potential clients will tell you things you could never have thought of yourself so it pays off to invest money in a survey. And these days it is not so expensive to have one done, especially with the sites like Ask the right questions and you will get relevant and honest answers which will help you to open a hair salon that will have everything clients want.


Snooping is a must for every business and you should take a look at what other hair salons are selling. The services that they sell should be the same services you offer, plus more than that.

hair salonGroup Discussions

Find 10 or 15 individuals who you see as an ideal clients. Hold a group discussion with them, entice them to talk with one another and you will see how many useful ideas can these people create. They will tell you their most hidden wishes, you just need to know where to look and you will see them. Join in on the conversation, but make sure your ideal clients are doing most of the talking. You will get a lot of useful feedback here.


If you can talk to customers who visited one of your competitors, you could learn a lot about the opportunities you can take advantage of. Whenever there’s a client who is not 100% happy with your competition, that means you can do something to draw them to you, if you offer what they want. This one is a bit trickier, but if you pull it off, you can get some great information and open a hair salon that will be the busiest salon around.