Software Eliminating Outsourcing Costs?

One of the great advantages to running internet based businesses is that it is very easy to outsource task you are not very good at or simply hate doing yourself. This not only saves business owners a tremendous amount of time and frustration, but can – in the grand scheme of things – be a significant money saver as well. Outsourcing really is a win-win for everyone involved.

The theory is: You can outsource all tedious tasks to people who don’t mind doing them for a small fee. I myself have a handful of online “friends” that I outsource a lot of my internet business work to – especially if it is something I am no good at or despise doing.

reasons for outsourcing

Most of my to-go-to guys and girls live in either India or the Philippines. Meaning, most of them very happily work for me for about two to three dollars an hour. They do great work so it is money very wisely spent in my opinion.

Now, even with international labor being so cheap, there are more affordable ways of doing business. A good example would be using software to eliminate tedious work that would otherwise be done by someone else.

As much as I like to help families in poor countries earn a living by outsourcing to them, nothing gets me more excited than a piece of software that automates processes I would otherwise pay for. In fact, it never ceases to amaze me how software eliminates traditional job titles on an almost daily basis.

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This can be a simple software that allows you to set up a fully functioning blog in just minutes, a web-based shopping cart that takes orders on your site – processes credit cards etc, to an auto email responder that stays in touch with friends and fans alike. Is that cool or what?

My friend Arnie recently posed the question on his blog – asking if software would ever eliminate outsourcing all-together. As much as I believe there will always be things for me to outsource, I am comforted with the thought that: Software is advancing all the time. Eventually I will outsource less and less while using more and more software to do the heavy lifting for me!

Do you currently outsource tedious tasks in your business? If so, what – and how much does that cost you? If you could wish one software into existence, what would it be and what would it do?