The Revolutionary Cryptocurrency That Will Change Online Transactions – BluCoin

This article will shine a light on the new Crypto Currency out there; BluCoin.

BluCoin is a revolutionary social Cryptocurrency that will change the way we transact online. It is winning popularity and will surely give Bitcoin a run for it’s money.

Globally, people are driving more and more toward the use of cryptocurrencies. Financially speaking; prices have jumped after a U.S. Department of Justice official described Cryptocurrency as “a legal means of exchange” in the media. Many businesses all over the world are allowing Cryptocurrency payments. Given the volatility of the stock market, investors view Cryptocurrency as an alternative to traditional financial investing.

Lately there is a huge buzz in the Crypto Currency circles around a new coin called BluCoin. It is the newest form of Social Currency Coin out there in the landscape. Rapidly gaining popularity, BluCoin is anticipated to go large and has already been reviewed to have the potential to be used for future Face-book, You-tube, Vimeo payments & P2P engagements.

Digital Savvy Miners are eagerly waiting the BluCoin release date of 7th February 2014. Mining BluCoins will be extremely profitable and together with BluCoin’s current promotion, BluCoin is giving away and rewarding all users who are mining BluCoin more that 1+ Million Free Coins. Even if mining isn’t your thing you will soon be able to trade BluCoins on the market. You will also be able to day trade these coins without feeling the hot breath of the bankers on your neck.


BluCoin is a definite safe and excellent way to invest for the future, even in these troubled times. The fact that this new Social Currency Coin will begin to formulate future applications for Social Media Sites gives credit to BluCoin for identifying a rich market niche. The latest digital market trends point to the absolute need for a Social Media Coin such as BluCoin. We will have to accept the continual usage of Social Networks like Face-book and You-tube and realize that we need to plug the gap with a secure, trusted and fast digitial Cryptocurrency; BluCoin. Jumping on board with this idea now and eliminating any concerns says a lot about BluCoin’s potential. It will surely follow the course of Bitcoin and skyrocket up to unknown heights given a little bit of time.

Another great thing about this Cryptocurrency is that there is no government intervention. That means no finger in the pots by bankers and politicians. What you make on buying and selling Cryptocurrencies is yours. Basically there is no “percentage taking” here and there by the bankers or fat cats. Respected opinions by well known internet pioneers are all unanimous and they will agree that BluCoin will go much further than Bitcoin.

The bankers and high society alike screamed NO to Bitcoin and made people fearful to invest their hard earned money into Bitcoin. And what did Bitcoin do? It rose from around 100 dollars to 1200 dollars in a couple months’ time. So the lesson is: when those bankers scream “No don’t do it” you need to do the exact opposite from what they tell you.

BluCoin will fare the same way as Bitcoin did because of the recent buzz, the already huge interest in the coin, the well-established marketing ventures, a rapid block-rate, etc. Having such a broad base of possibilities and usages that BluCoin has will make this coin more versatile and secure.

Our advice is to ride the wave and to get in on the action whilst BluCoin’s prices are extremely low. Start mining BluCoin’s on the release date and build a wealth portfolio.

New Year Plans

The only legit time for people in the office to party has arrived. The end of a year marks the celebration of Christmas, followed quickly by the countdown for New Year. Christmas gifts are exchanged among friends and good food is shared together. With all the mingling and celebration going on, it is no surprise that the people’s spirits are high.

Ultimately, what make a good organization are the people. This is why the holidays are a good way for employees and the boss to take a breather from a long year and relax. It is a time for people to remind themselves about all the achievements made and to reflect upon past mistakes. Old grudges should be forgotten so that people can strive for a better and less-conflicted ridden future.

building a team

Even though we love a good party, but all things come to an end. While some might be itching to get started on their new year’s resolution, not everyone might be as keen. Suffering from what we refer to as a “party withdrawal syndrome”, it is easy to experience a sudden dip in happiness after a slew of back-to-back parties.

What better way than to kick start 2014 this year with some team building exercises? Not only does it help to motivate the eagers employees, it also helps to keep the momentum going for the rest after a good New Year’s Day celebration.

One good example to boost the employee’s morale is the Deadline activity. The game works the same as it sounds – to complete a challenging task under the pressure of a deadline! Teams are first required to plan important aspects of a business such as transportation, production and so on. We will then present teams with real life obstacles such as financial crisis or a worker’s strike along the way to make things more interesting. Teams with the best solution wins!


With that in mind, why not introduce some holiday spirit in the game? Players can be called upon to complete a deadline where the festive season causes delay for the shipping of products! Add a little more extra time after office hours to have a bonding session with team building exercises.

For more information about team building activities or programmes, look up Jambar Team Building at They organize customized and innovative Team Building and/ or Team Development activities for corporate and private clients. The programmes they have are designed with fun and cooperation which are key elements to opening doors leading to positive creativity in any organisation. Your company can easily learn and practise working together more effectively by learning to play team building games.

Thinking Of Starting An Online Business? Here Are Some Realities Of Business Online

For years I wanted to setup my own business. Then the recession hit and I really didn’t have a choice. I have learned a lot in the last few years and setting up an online store was harder than I ever imagined. Well I lie, setting up the store is the easy part but getting the sales you need to survive is where it becomes challenging.

After spending countless hours researching on various forums about what system to use for a website, how to rank in Google, how to market your business I decided that starting an online store was not going to be easy. Needless to say it was still one of my goals and something I thought that would compliment my skills. Being a lot more tech savvy than the average joe I decided to start an online store selling cheap ink cartridges.

abstract 3d illustration of internet business conceptual sign

As with most start-ups I didn’t have a lot of cash and ended up doing most of the things myself. I setup various social media accounts, built the website with the help of a professional coder, added the products, done my own search engine optimisation and setup an adwords account.

Running the social media accounts is nearly a full time job in itself and something I am constantly tweaking. I find that google adwords can work but it is very expensive and the bills can rack up pretty quickly if you are not sure what you are doing.

The one thing I love about ecommerce is the relatively low cost of setup and the high potential. I hope this post encourages people who are thinking of starting their own online business to take the leap but to be realistic and realise it’s not as simple as putting up a site and sitting back!